Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, after they took me out of the recovery room I was able to go to my post-partum room. I stayed there from early Friday morning to Tuesday afternoon.

The first visitors were My parents, pops, and Amy. They were there throughout the whole thing. Then after that we had a few more visitors. Kitten and David and Janette came later Friday evening. Then Saturday, Nanny and Uncle Chris made the trip down to see the baby and bring the BEAUTIFUL bassinet that my baby has been sleeping in for the past week. My parents came up that day as well, and Ericka and Jon surprised us that day too. Then Sunday was a BUSY day of visitors. We had people in our room from the time visiting hours started all the way until they were over! Nanny and Uncle Chris returned, then Amy, Ronnie, and Grammie came, then Ericka arrived as they were leaving, then Jon, Paige, and Reid, dropped in and left. Then about 30 mins later Janette stopped in. Janette left as they were making the "get out" announcement. Then Monday we had a full day to recuperate from all the excitement. Jasper actually got circumcised and had his newborn pics taken that day as well. The pic of him screaming in the "little speedster outfit" is one of my favorite pics of him yet! He was so pissed that we were dressing him up! Because of the snow Sunday afternoon to Monday morning, there weren't any visitors. Then Tuesday i got my staples out and Pops came up to help us check out. It was scary going home knowing we would have no help from any nurses in the middle of the night... <:o

Finally the pictures are in the correct order.

The one with Donald's finger in the baby's mouth, he is doing a finger feeding. It's a way to supplement the baby with formula while my milk was coming in. He puts a finger in the baby's mouth and squirts the formula in with the little syringe. Neat concept but awkward to actually do. Then the pic of me with the oxygen in my nose is literally the first time that I was able to hold the baby because up until that point I was waaaay too drugged out with pain meds.

P.S. I made that really cute hat my baby is sporting in the bottom pic! :)

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