Monday, March 9, 2009

Cheers! My First official BLOG!

Well, I am so excited! This is my first official blog. I have been trying to figure out a way to keep all of the wonderful friends and family updated on what's been happening. You have all been so supportive with Donald and my first child. There has been such overwhelming support of everything that's been going on. From attending the shower and giving advice to calling to check in on us... it's been a non-stop love fest. I won't ever be able to express how excited and thankful i am to have each and everyone in our lives. Jasper has absolutely no idea what kind of love he already has beaming in his direction. I am going to try and update you all as much as possible. I am already so behind... while I'm still at home I am going to try and get things caught up! So... here goes nothing! :) The picture you see here is of my darling Jasper's first appearence on camera. I am going to backtrack and add all the pictures and funny stories that we have missed telling some of you... please excuse if I sometimes can't help but share some more recent news too!

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