Friday, March 27, 2009

1 Month old!!

Friday our boy was 1 month old.

He is getting so big. His legs are getting chubby and his wrinkles are turning into rolls... well, not quite, but almost! He is officially getting too big for some of his preemie clothes and starting to fill out the newborn stuff. I am so excited that he is doing well with his growing... I'm sad that he's getting bigger so fast. Before I know it he will be talking. He has already rolled over from his belly to his back, is starting to make gurgling and cooing noises. He is progressing everyday. (P.S. the really really REALLY cool hat he is wearing that has his name on it... came from Donald's Aunt Anna! Thanks for the awesome chapeau!)


  1. That is a cool hat! I love the ones of him sleeping, he looks like a little angel!!
    I love him!

  2. 1 MONTH?! ALREADY?!! Gaaaaahhhd! I hope he will always make such crazy faces!! Sometimes he looks like such a big boy and other times he looks like wuhtle itty bitty jaspy baby. hope i get to see you guys tomorrow!


    eesshh. happy belated anniversary!

  3. Hey Steph,
    The one where he is in the swing looks like he is holding out his hands like MOM COME PICK ME UP AND PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON ME PLEASE!!!

  4. Wow, time does go fast. Before you know it he'll be a year old! I remember Vivien's first month like it was yesterday and she'll be 2 in June already!
    Thaks for sharing your pics :)