Thursday, October 1, 2009


THE FOLLOWING was SUPPOSED to be our 7 month update... but since our strapping young lad is pushing 8.5 months... I will give you that info

"Well, our beautiful bouncing boy is 7 whole months old now. Here all the new milestones:
- He's 18 pounds -He has 2 teeth -He's crawling/ trying to walk. He pushes the diaper box and laundry hamper around. He is talking all sorts of crazy garble which includes sounds that vaguely resemble da-da (this is the more common one) :( and mummum."

-he's about 8.5 Months -he has nearly 5 teeth -is standing solo for 2-7 seconds at a time -Says (much to my dismay ;) "dadadadadadaaaadadaa!!" with a lot of gusto at times! He is growing so big and cute. I can't wait to see what he does at Christmas. He is going to go gaga (not like the lady) for all the boxes and paper. We have a lot of fun events coming up... I still need to put Halloween pics on here as well. Will do so asap... I hope! That's all for now... just a quick update.

P.S. All these pictures are from the 7 month posting. I will have to put new ones that are more recent on here later. I have to say he has A LOT more hair now... or it's darker... one or the other. Decide when I post them.