Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey there!

Well, I just wanted to do a NEW YEARS update. Yesterday our flying wonderbaby crawled out of his crib. Yes, our 10 month old Hercules is officially a wild crazy climber. He also pulled himself up over our baracade in the basement with sheer arms strength so that he could climb up the steps to the kitchen. Needless to say we are in the business of watching him every single second!

He also had his first official cold. He was on Anti-biotics for the last 10 days. He had an upper respiratory infection which was not pleasant.

He was very and is still VERY much interested in the Christmas Tree. He wasn't as interested in the presents or unwrapping them. I guess next year we can see him go ga-ga! He DEFINITELY likes all the stuff he got, though. He has been playing non-stop with the tent and tunnel Donald and I got him and he also loves his gumball machine. He is CRAZY for Bouncing Balls in general. I got him a rather large blue ball and he is so strong, he picks it up and throws it across the basement! He loves to play catch and is very smiley all the time! ;)

He is walking all over and can't be stopped. He likes to throw a fit if you try. But you forgive him as soon as he gives you kisses. He is so adorable. He gives me the most (*evil laugh*). He will kiss all up and down my arms and face and legs and even my feet. He is my little dumpling baby. I love him so much.

For New Years we got together with a few friends and had some yummy food and good conversation. I feel so bad for Dick Clark. He is a real trooper but it's painful to watch such a sad display. I feel even worse for him because he had to deal with Ryan Seacrest. He was probably trying to hit on him the whole time. Bleh-crest!

Anyway... I hope this update finds you all well and in good spirits. I hope you all have a FANTASTIC- STUPENDOUS - AMAZING - GLORIOUS - WONDERFUL - STUPENDOUS - 2010!