Friday, April 24, 2009

Take your child to work day... who knew?

Well, yesterday Jasper got the chance to go to City Paper and visit Daddy on the job! We got there and people were like, "Oh, that's so cute! You brought Jasper in for 'take your child to work day' ".

I HAD NO IDEA! It was totally a coincidence! It was fun though. He met people I never even talked to when I worked there! He was considered very cute and super handsome by everyone he met! The pic of co-workers is Daddy, Jasper, Linda (bottom) and Nicole (top).

Can't wait to go back and show everyone how big he gets in the next few months!



7 lbs, 12 oz
20.5 inches long
15 inch head circumference

He's such a big boy!

Immunizations! :(

By myself i took my poor little defenseless lovey dovey had to get 3 big bad shots and drink a potion at Doctor Satterfield's office yesterday. I'm not sure which shots they were but he did NOT like them. He actually did really well. It was a slightly delayed reaction. Then he wailed all of a sudden. They really stuck the needle WAAAAY into his skin! he bled a little bit and I cried sort of... just welled up at the sight of him in pain. Then they gave him that potion and the little piggy gulped it down so fast he choked a little bit. Then he was completely fine. He went right to sleep when we got in the car. He has had a little fever today but I think he will be okay. I gave him a little Tylenol and it seem to help. He seems comfortable at least.

Visit to Brenda's House

Over the weekend Jasper, me and my mom went to visit our friend Brenda. Jasper was a VERY good boy. All the ladies were fighting over him. I think Jamie definitely got the most cuddle time with him. She had him swaddled up really good. Jamie, Gigi, and Mary got the chance to feed him. Poor thing. He was sucking on the bottle and sucking and sucking... wasn't fussing at all... then I looked and it didn't look like anything was leaving the bottle. Poor Jasper was sucking on a bad nipple. We fixed it though and he drank every drop!

Friday, April 17, 2009

7 weeks OLD!

My little boolah is 7 weeks old today.

I took these pics yesterday. It was so hot upstairs that he went the entire day in just a diaper. He had the socks on from the night before... we took those off after the picture. They looked so funny I had to leave them on.

EASTER 2009!

Pics with the Easter Bunny... aka Laura

On his way to meet the Easter Bunny... his toes are all curled up in anticipation! :)

Dying Easter eggs with me, Nana, and Daddy... he did the puking... we did the dying.

All dressed up in his Easter outfit... getting ready to leave for church.

Me, Jasper, and Pops. You can see that we had a breakfast of champions, breastmilk, chocolate milk, and Easter basket candy.

No make-up... YUCKY!

Getting a foot massage from Gigi and hanging out with his new best buddy SPIKE! :)

Big eyes. <3

It looks like Jasper would be saying, "What's that Gigi? Tell me the Easter story again!"

New Best Friends! This reminds me of something... can't think of what though.

Always so serious.

Sleepy Mouse. I LOVE this pic.

Hanging out at Nana's house with Aunt WAWA! She was trying to relax him with her Ocean noises.

New haircut if you couldn't tell. Got a Makeover for Easter, new cut and contacts. I hadn't had my hair cut since Thanksgiving Weekend 2007... almost a year and a half without even a trim... i had some major dead ends to say the least!


Well, these pics were taken over the course of 2 weekends. We actually took him to see the Easter bunny the weekend before Easter. It's a good thing we did, too! The line the weekend OF Easter was insanity! I ran into Old Navy to get a pair of flip flops and almost passed out when I got a look at the line. UNREAL.