Friday, April 24, 2009

Immunizations! :(

By myself i took my poor little defenseless lovey dovey had to get 3 big bad shots and drink a potion at Doctor Satterfield's office yesterday. I'm not sure which shots they were but he did NOT like them. He actually did really well. It was a slightly delayed reaction. Then he wailed all of a sudden. They really stuck the needle WAAAAY into his skin! he bled a little bit and I cried sort of... just welled up at the sight of him in pain. Then they gave him that potion and the little piggy gulped it down so fast he choked a little bit. Then he was completely fine. He went right to sleep when we got in the car. He has had a little fever today but I think he will be okay. I gave him a little Tylenol and it seem to help. He seems comfortable at least.


  1. I love that T-shirt, how cute!

  2. thats so sweet, i totally get it. i still tear up when my kids are being tortured by doctors haha.