Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday BOY!

Well, our little guy is turning into a little man! He's 1 year OLD!!!

That doesn't seem quite possible. I'm excited though. We went to a friend's birthday party yesterday. Lena, she was born on Jasper's actual due date March 8th...

They were so cute together. Jasper promptly poked her in the eye as soon as he could get over to her and approach her. Maybe he was checking to see if she was real or if she was another moving toy that we were showing him. It is kinda hard to tell these days with all the high tech toys. Anyway, he had a great birthday last week with TONS of friends and family. Thank you ALL by the way for all the support, love, and presents you bestowed on the birthday boy! :)

He has been up to his eyeballs in books, balls, and new toys. We had him dressed in one of his new outfits on Sunday when we went to the birthday party. Everyone thought he was soooo cute!

I did my best on the cake, eventhough it was down to the LAST minute and then some when it came time to decorate. It will definitely be a memorable one. I can't wait to do his party next year when he can really react and interact with everyone. He's already doing so well with talking and walking. He actually needs to have a doctor's appointment soon. I will update you when we know more about what he weighs and where he is at on the growth curve.