Thursday, May 7, 2009

Job Fair... hosted by Baltimore City Paper


Michelle and Jasper! <3

Today we went to the Job Fair at the Belvedere hotel in Baltimore. Most people were there to look for a job.... we were there to drop off Donald aka Daddy's parking pass that he left in his pants at home! >:( It was a little hectic to get there but Jasper got to see Michelle and met Bettina for the first time. I got a pleasant surprise... Free lunch :) It was delicious. Go to Truffles in the Belvedere. GREAT Chicken Parm & their fingerling potatoes were seasoned JUST RIGHT! It was a short visit but it gave Jasper enough of a workout for me to run to the Towson Mall. Just the 2 of us went. We got some surprise Birthday presents for Donald... can't wait until he sees them... he still has abou 6 weeks before he can get them though... well, I did give him 1 of the presents early but... whos counting???

LOST night 5/6/09

Another fun lost night... got some candids of the gang. Jasper was having fun in the Moby Wrap while Donald and I were getting last minute prep stuff done for din-din. We had an extension of Janette's Birthday Celebration. She loves breakfast for dinner and that's exactly what we had. French Toast on Challah bread, Omelettes prepared by Reid... some of the best omelettes EVER!, Chocolate Chip Pancakes... with Ghirdelli Milk Chocolate Chips...*drool*, Fruit salad, Fresh whipped cream, Mango mimosa, and Fruit Parfait for dessert! We watched a little bit of Roadhouse since Reid had to leave early last week and didn't get to see the full veiwing. I didn't mind at all... gave me another chance to gawk at my new crush Sam Elliot. All in all it was a great night!

Show Troupe Initiation!

Jessica... the baby whisperer

Lena's mommy and daddy- Lauren and Marlon <3

Nate making a big smile for Lena, although she's not quite sure what the HELL he's doing.

Show Troupe gang! Although Angelique was there... she stepped out before we could get the pics going! :(

Lena looks like she's saying, "What in the HELL you got me sittin' next to this midget fo' ?"


Addison was saying, "B-B!"

After falling under Jessica's spell!

Last Friday 5/1/09 Jasper and Lena were initiated into the Show Troupe Clan officially! They both got to meet each other... although I'm not 100% sure what their first impression of each other was... the pictures came out super cute. Jasper has his suspicious look on... as usual. Lena gave Jasper a few funny looks, too! Lena has so much gorgeous hair and Jasper's polka dotted pants were a hit! :) Can't wait to see them both grow up and start "flying to the sky"!

A House Call!

In these shots Mackenzie would make Tyra PROUD! :)

Here's Jessica... putting her spell on my baby... everytime she touched him he fell asleep. I need here around more often!

Ben above

Nate below... holding Addison

Donald got too Avant guard when he brought out the furs... I freaked out and so did Mackenzie. She's not ready for that... YET!

not afraid to show a little LEG!

This was her Courtney Love Grunge look. I think she pulled it off well!

CUTIE PIE! Addison

She kept saying, "Who took my baby!?!"

She loved the baby. Jasper dropped his binki/pacifier and she said, "oh no! He dropped his binki-fire!"

Last Wednesday Jessica, Nate, Mackenzie, Addison, and Ben all came up to visit the baby. It was their first time seeing the house and Jasper. For those of you who do not know... they are friends from Show Troupe, Jessica and Ben were in Show Troupe, Jessica and Nate are married, and Mackenzie and Addison are Jessica and Nate's children... Well, if you are confused... SORRY! <:) Read the captions for further details on who is who. Let me just tell you this... Mackenzie and Mr. Donald got into the costume trunk and I think America's Next Top Model was born!


Jasper Louis Ely was officially dedicated to the Lord. <3

We took him to my mom's church, New Life, in White Plains, Maryland. It was a nice service. He was pretty well behaved during the entire thing. It was very special.

Afterwards we went to Olive Garden to celebrate. Grammie, Wanda, Amy (Nana), Ronnie (Grandad), Me, Donald, Joyce Tippett, Robbie Tippett, Little Robbie, My dad (Grandad), My mom (Gigi), Brenda, Amanda and John (Amanda's boyfriend) were all in attendance. Pop-pop and luoise even stopped in to meet the little guy. It was a lot of fun despite the 15 minute wait for water, the 1.5 hour wait to be seated and the wine that was apparently drippping out of Wanda's eye ;)

It was really nice to have all of that support. I hope that Jasper realizes just how loved he really is! :)