Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show Troupe Initiation!

Jessica... the baby whisperer

Lena's mommy and daddy- Lauren and Marlon <3

Nate making a big smile for Lena, although she's not quite sure what the HELL he's doing.

Show Troupe gang! Although Angelique was there... she stepped out before we could get the pics going! :(

Lena looks like she's saying, "What in the HELL you got me sittin' next to this midget fo' ?"


Addison was saying, "B-B!"

After falling under Jessica's spell!

Last Friday 5/1/09 Jasper and Lena were initiated into the Show Troupe Clan officially! They both got to meet each other... although I'm not 100% sure what their first impression of each other was... the pictures came out super cute. Jasper has his suspicious look on... as usual. Lena gave Jasper a few funny looks, too! Lena has so much gorgeous hair and Jasper's polka dotted pants were a hit! :) Can't wait to see them both grow up and start "flying to the sky"!

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  1. these pics are great!!! jasper is so friendly already, you can tell :) they are both adorable and i love their funny baby faces they are making!! ps- i didnt think your tits could get any bigger but they DID!! SOOOOO HOT!