Thursday, May 7, 2009

A House Call!

In these shots Mackenzie would make Tyra PROUD! :)

Here's Jessica... putting her spell on my baby... everytime she touched him he fell asleep. I need here around more often!

Ben above

Nate below... holding Addison

Donald got too Avant guard when he brought out the furs... I freaked out and so did Mackenzie. She's not ready for that... YET!

not afraid to show a little LEG!

This was her Courtney Love Grunge look. I think she pulled it off well!

CUTIE PIE! Addison

She kept saying, "Who took my baby!?!"

She loved the baby. Jasper dropped his binki/pacifier and she said, "oh no! He dropped his binki-fire!"

Last Wednesday Jessica, Nate, Mackenzie, Addison, and Ben all came up to visit the baby. It was their first time seeing the house and Jasper. For those of you who do not know... they are friends from Show Troupe, Jessica and Ben were in Show Troupe, Jessica and Nate are married, and Mackenzie and Addison are Jessica and Nate's children... Well, if you are confused... SORRY! <:) Read the captions for further details on who is who. Let me just tell you this... Mackenzie and Mr. Donald got into the costume trunk and I think America's Next Top Model was born!

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