Thursday, May 7, 2009


Jasper Louis Ely was officially dedicated to the Lord. <3

We took him to my mom's church, New Life, in White Plains, Maryland. It was a nice service. He was pretty well behaved during the entire thing. It was very special.

Afterwards we went to Olive Garden to celebrate. Grammie, Wanda, Amy (Nana), Ronnie (Grandad), Me, Donald, Joyce Tippett, Robbie Tippett, Little Robbie, My dad (Grandad), My mom (Gigi), Brenda, Amanda and John (Amanda's boyfriend) were all in attendance. Pop-pop and luoise even stopped in to meet the little guy. It was a lot of fun despite the 15 minute wait for water, the 1.5 hour wait to be seated and the wine that was apparently drippping out of Wanda's eye ;)

It was really nice to have all of that support. I hope that Jasper realizes just how loved he really is! :)

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  1. oh gosh steph. that gave me chills. i LOVED watching his little body wiggle around- thats the most ive seen of him :) and you can tell donald is a real pro already with handling him- and i can see your natural motherly instinct glowing from you!!! no kidding steph. you are so blessed, i love you so much!