Thursday, March 12, 2009

First few days home

When we finally got home it was strange to be in OUR house with OUR new baby. He got to come home to a beautiful bassinet that was waiting for him in our guest room/office. It's bee a tight fit and somewhat awkward getting in and out of bed... because of my incision but, not too bad. The baby has been very good about sleeping in the bassinet (pictures taken at Nanny's house in NY) and we keep it pulled up really close to the bed at night.

These are some of my favorite pictures we've taken so far! They are in backwards order again. Pops holding jasper is the first day home and then the cowardly lion picture at the top is from yesterday when Donald was home with us. :) I actually was able to get him smiling in the one picture with his striped preemie onesie on. You can really see how skinny he is in the one where he's stretching in diaper only. I love him so much! :)


  1. Hey Steph,
    Can I get a copy of the one where he has on the brown and white onsie, he is sleeping, with his one arm against his head, that one is extra cute!

  2. that bassinet is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!