Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well, once again our wonder baby went on an adventure with us. On friday, courtesy of Baltimore City Paper, we went to see Kooza, a Cirque de soleil production. It was AAAAMAZING... to say the least.

Jasper slept through the entire thing inside of the Moby wrap. He was such a good boy. I can't wait to take him to something like that when he can really take part and enjoy the show. He started out in the car seat in the first pic and was comfortably "hanging out" in the last pic. :)

P.S. In the 4th pic down... Jasper is inside the Moby wrap which is inside the coat.


  1. wow first family outing. so cool you guys got tickets to see kooza. and VERY cool baby was so good and slept through the whole thing with loud/strange noises?! Jasper is so keeeeweeell!

    *I was wondering why Donald's jacket was so tight?!*

    I forgot my username :(

  2. He is a good boy, you can take him anywhere!

  3. hahahah i didnt realize he was inside the coat!!! that thing is adorable, the wrap thing. oh, and the baby ofcourse haha

  4. Whoa I was wondering what was wrong with Donald's coat! DUH! Amazing - I knew he would be a great boy - takes after his great-grandmother. Love you Peanut