Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Shower

This was a GREAT day. i have so many pictures of the amazing shower that Amy, Donald and my Mom prepared. Penny invented the amazing wonder cake with all the handmade and hand-painted fondant pieces. I still can't believe how amazing it was. It was waaaay too amazing. There are sooo many great pictures that Penny took that day but i am posting my favs from the day. the one pic of donald is him dressed in the daddy duty get-up that Amy gave him... it was complete with an apron, ear plugs, goggles, tongs, and more. For those of your guys that were there that day... thank you so much for attending. i was so overwhelmed by the time and effort that everyone took to make a place in their busy lives to attend. Stephanie -- my bestie, came all the way from South Carolina to be there. Jessica, our amazing friend from high school (Show Troupe) came all the way from North Carolina, Ericka, Janette, Jon, Michelle and Nicole came from Baltimore, Kitten from Annapolis, Donald's dad went and got jasper's Great-Great-Grandma--- (that's right 2 greats) from Solomon's Island, and many many more miles were driven by everyone else! You guys are the best. :) P.S. All the scrapbook pages are done by donald's mom Amy. They are fantastic... i wish I could show you the whole album she did of my pregnancy.

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